Home Dedication

In Hebrew the dedication of a house is called a “chanukat habayit.”

Here is a sample of the ceremony during which a mezuzah is affixed to the doorpost:

In the spirit of the Jewish faith, we consecrate this house with prayers of thanksgiving and we invoke upon it blessings of a benevolent divine providence.
The mezuzah is raised: This ancient symbol speaks to us of the sacred ground of our existence, of our need for love and life, meaning and community. We affix the mezuzah to the doorpost of this house with the hope that it will always be a reminder of our duties to self and to others. May a divine spirit fill this house with the spirit of love, kindness, and consideration for all people.

The mezuzah is affixed with the blessing: “…v’tsivanu al likboa mezuzah.”

Throughout history, the Torah has been a guide for the right way to live. It has been a beacon of light illuminating the home as a place for learning and doing. May the hearts of all who dwell here be filled with a love of Torah and its teachings of wisdom.
Who may abide in the Divine House?  And who may dwell on the holy mountain?  Those with integrity,  those who act justly,  and tell the truth in their own hearts.  Who do not slander others,  or wrong them,  or think ill of them.  Who scorn the lawless,  but honor those who revere truth and righteousness.  Who give their word,  and, come what may,  do not retract.  Who do not exploit others,  Who never take bribes.  Those who live in this way shall never be shaken.
The home has always been the dwelling place of the Jewish spirit. Jewish tables have been altars of faith and love. Jewish doors have been open to the stranger and the needy. The Sages of Israel taught: “When words of Torah pass between us, a feeling of divine presence surrounds us.” May this home we now consecrate keep alive the beauty of this noble heritage.

Challah is blessed and distributed.

With wine, our symbol of joy, we pray that all who dwell within these walls and all who enter here, will know contentment, happiness, and peace…borei p’ree ha’gafen. We give thanks for this….
We pray for this home to be blessed by a sense of the sacred. We gladly offer our thanks for the promise of security and happiness this home represents. Let it be filled with the beauty of holiness and the warmth of love. May both guest and stranger find here welcome and friendship. So may it merit the praise: “How lovely are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!”
For all who are assembled here, and for all who will ever enter these doors, we repeat the ancient blessing over each and every special moment:Êshe-he-cheyanu, v’key-manu, v’higee-yanu laz-man hazeh….the inspiration of our unique unfolding andÊ thatÊus to this moment for blessing.
Hiney Mah Tov: How good it is and how pleasant for all people to live together in peace.