Jewish Weddings

Jewish Weddings, Interfaith Weddings and Secular Humanistic Weddings

Rabbi Jay Heyman Brings To Your Wedding, Commitment Ceremony, or Renewal of Vows:

  • Many years’ experience helping couples design beautiful, unique Jewish weddings, interfaith weddings, and secular humanistic weddings.
  • Genuine openness to working with couples of every faith and orientation.
  • Non-judgmental, fun, flexible attitudes, and a deep love of helping couples create the perfect ceremony for them!

What is your philosophy about weddings?

My philosophy of weddings is:

  • All Jewish weddings, interfaith weddings, and humanistic weddings should be beautiful, and should reflect the values, dreams, and spiritualities of the couple.
  • Planning a wedding should be fun and joyful — and so should the ceremony!
  • When you engage me to officiate at your Jewish wedding, interfaith wedding, or humanistic wedding, I take on the responsibility for the service, so that you can be fully present in the magic and power of this unique and precious moment. My ceremonies always include several moments of quietness in which we remember to be fully and completely aware of the moment.
  • When Jewish weddings are prepared very carefully and with love, then whatever happens during the ceremony itself — a dropped ring, a crying baby, or lots of airplanes flying overhead — becomes part of the magic and joy of the moment.