Spiritual Counseling and Care

Spiritual Counseling and Care

The trials and tribulations of ordinary life are quite possibly the best teachers we can have. These are our regular opportunities for growth, times of exploring ways to deepen our faith and hope, of more fully understanding our journey, of responding to questions of ultimate purpose. Quite literally these are our most outstanding opportunities to renew the soul through spiritual counseling and care. 

Individual and Group Spiritual Counseling and Care

Spiritual Counseling, which often has been called Pastoral Counseling, as I understand and try to practice it, takes into consideration the following presuppositions:
1. Making values, beliefs, priorities real in daily life.
2. Accepting responsibility for the consequences of our actions.
3. Emphasizing self-awareness as an essential element in wholeness.
4. Examining gifts and talents as well as recognizing areas for growth.
5. Healing wounds that manifest themselves through depression, anxiety, and dysfunctional behavior.
6. Increasing awareness of the unconscious self and using that knowledge to make positive changes.

The Prepare/Enrich Program for Couples

  • Identify areas of strength and growth.
  • Improve your communication.
  • Increase your ability to resolve conflict.
  • Gain a greater appreciation of each other’s Family-of-Origin.
  • Build on your relationship’s areas of strength.
  • Discuss personal, couple, and family goals.
  • Increase your chances to have a happy marriage.

How the program works:

You begin by taking a PREPARE/ENRICH online couple inventory, which will identify your strengths as a couple. The inventory is a 165-item questionnaire assessing relationship strength and growth in the following areas: Communication. Personality, Beliefs, Role Relationship, Family and Friends, Children and Parenting, Expectations, Idealistic Distortion, Leisure Activities, Conflict Management, Marriage Type, Financial Attitudes, and Family-of-Origin. After the inventory is processed, we then meet for 3-6 feedback sessions. During these sessions we work together using a 15-page feedback report about your relationship and how to make it stronger.